Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine Gift from the kids to Grandma and Grandpa

Did you know that most grandparents are big softies that totally appreciate the simple things???  Well if you did not know that before, you know now.  For this simple yet true fact, we try to have my boys do fun things for their grandparents a few times each year.

For a "New Years Gift" we made one of the grandparents a calendar through Costco with pictures we had taken throughout all of 2014, including ones from Christmas (this is why it was a New Years gift).  When it finally arrived, it brought tears and was very much appreciated.

Let me share what we did a couple of years ago that still adorns the grandparents walls.

We were all dressed up for church one Sunday and I thought it would be nice to get some photos of our boys for their grandparents.

Instead of just normal pictures, we decided to make it fun for Valentine's Day.

First thing I did was put a black sheet up on our entertainment center to use as a back drop.

Second, I printed out 3 signs: "We", A heart with "Love" written inside of it, and "You!"...

Third, I had Cammon hold "We" while I took his picture.., Aiden held "You!" while I took his picture... and I had both of them hold the heart with"Love" written in it while I took their picture.

We took nice shots and silly ones too, those are always a must in my family.  I then went on Photoshop and had some fun making a faux scrapbook pic to print out and send to the grandparents.

Here are the final results...

This was super easy and so much fun!

So whether you have your kids draw a picture, make a video, take some silly portraits, or make a calendar, remember that Grandparents love their Grandkids and want to know that their Grandkids love them in return.  Share the love.

Like my mother-in-law says... "Make a great day" everyone!

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