Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 23, 2015 - National Pie Day!

It's National Pie Day!!!

I LOVE PIE!  Whether baking it or eating it, pie is delicious!

And on this special day of days, I will be making my "Famous Apple Pie."

Let me tell you a little about my "Famous Apple Pie"... not only does it taste AMAZING but it is a family recipe.  It has been passed down from one generation to the next but the best part about it is that the recipe has never been written down.  Our family passes it down through teaching.

When I was newly married, I was fortunate enough to have my Grandma Chidester move up to Oregon close to where we lived at the time.  Though I loved her before, it was not until we lived closer to each other that we were able to form a great relationship.

During one of the holidays, we gathered at her house for a family dinner.  My husband and I decided we would go early to help my Grandmother cook and I am so grateful we did.  It is then that she and I put on our aprons, washed our hands and began making my first apple pie.

She was so gracious and patient with me as I fumbled while hand peeling the apples and asking questions.  We worked side by side in the kitchen that day and it was a special moment I will always remember and cherish.

Now, years later, I sit down every once in a while and make our families "Famous Apple Pie" with a fond memory of how I learned to make it while sharing the knowledge with my two boys.

Each apple pie I make, I cut a little heart out at the top of the crust to symbolize the love and care not only put into making that pie, but also for that which was shown to me by my Grandma Chidester.

Thanks Grandma!  I wish we lived closer so we could bake our apple pie together.  Here's to you.

Happy National Pie Day Everyone!

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